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Suggestions and Rules

Agency Charts is a specialized top list focusing on Worldwide Escort Agencies.

We would kindly ask you to read the following rules, before making your submission.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Please understand that only FREE Escort Agency Sites are accepted.
    Agency sites will not be accepted. No banners with pornographic text
    and images showing sexual acts or explicit display of genitals.

  • Only one account per domain is allowed.

  • Having an attractive banner or photo included with your listing will get you more hits.

  • You MUST link to Agency Charts from your site within 24 hours after submitting your info.

  • Important: To remain listed your site must send at least one visitor per week.
    That's only 4-5 hits per month. Sites not sending at least this minimal amount of traffic
    will be deleted. If you are not able or not willing to send at least one visitor per week
    please do not sign up for an account.

  • Do NOT cheat with blind links, java scripts, cgi programs, bots etc.

  • Sites with annoying pop up's displayed on entry will generally not be accepted.

  • Sites that are suspected of cheating will be removed.

  • You MUST save the Agency Charts Banner and run it from your own site.

  • Do NOT "hot link" to images on our server.

  • Please remember to make a note of your password and ID number.

  • You will receive a confirmation and details of your sign up. Please check your mail.

Banners or photos displayed with your listing must be:

max. 500 pixel (width) max. 300 pixel (height) and max. 25KB (25000 Bytes)

Images are shown on sites ranked 1 to 100.

If have read and accept the above terms, please Add Your Site



Please download a banner to your server. Do not hotlink these images.



Alternately you can link to Agency Charts with a text link of your choice.

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